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ICT Computer Training has been a leader in the delivery of quality computer training courses and has hundreds of satisfied clients both private and corporate. .

Computer Application

ICT Computer Training is renowned nationwide for the high quality of its education and training courses.

Fully certified courses

Before you invest your valuable time and money in computer training, be sure to select a company with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.e

One to one computer training

We offer one on one computer classes for those of us who are too busy with work.

A friendly and enjoyable learning environment

We have a comprehensive range of courses in Computer applications and Web design

Professional and Dedicated trainers

All our courses are taught by our Team experts, our tutorials are effective and current.

Flexible Option

We can train your people in offices, on site, or at a location that suits you.

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Smirinis 3d Palaiometocho Nicosia, South Cyprus


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